Valentine's day TC "Gallery Airport" Valentine's day TC "Gallery Airport"
On the most romantic day of the year Shopping at Galleria Airport gave the visitors an exciting photo contest and the opportunity to meet with the symbol of this holiday!
In a special photo zone on the ground floor, our guests were welcomed by the charming angel. "Living scenery" helped to create visitors romantic pictures. All pictures will take part in the contest with valuable prizes from Shopping complex.
Pictures you can find in the albums on our official pages in social networks: Vkontakte, facebook, Instagram! Find and tag yourself and maybe Your photo will be the winner!
The winners will be published on the website of TC "Gallery Airport.
The results of the contest - February 25
Prizes from 25 to 27 February.
If Your photo has won contact us via or by phone +7 (495) 771-71-61
Fair "Color Mood" in TC "Gallery Airport" Fair "Color Mood" in TC "Gallery Airport"
Soon spring and in preparation for this wonderful time of year Shopping at Galleria Airport again conducts fair on campus. This time the Art Bazaar "Color Mood" will be with us for a month from 18 February to 18 March.
Art Bazaar "Color Mood" is a unique gifts, handmade jewellery, designer toys and a lot of wonderful things made with love. Every fair "Color mood" is not similar to the previous one.
Fair - a celebration for the whole family. Guests will find unique clothing and accessories, interior and just cute little things that are just impossible to see someone else. All of them are created in a single copy, in every thing the wizard put all her love and talent.
We invite You not only for interesting finds, but also have fun on the unique master classes from our masters.
1st floor, TC "Gallery Airport"
TC "Gallery Airport continues to delight visitors with new shops, now on the 1st floor has opened a brand new store of the British brand KEDDO, which produces the popular shoes in the spirit of street fashion.
In models KEDDO United comfortable boots, trendy color combinations and bold details. Women's collection presents a vivid sneakers, elegant topsiders and comfortable loafers, men of a variety of comfortable sneakers and original shoes style outdoor.
KEDDO - brand, which became a cult as at home in the UK and overseas. Special pride of the brand's line of rubber boots. Wedges and heels, with original prints and color changing, they have long deserved recognition all over the world.
Фотоконкурс "Я люблю..." Фотоконкурс "Я люблю..."
Conditions of the competition:
1. Date with 7.02.15 on 27.02.15
2. In the competition take part pictures posted on the page in Sots. networks TC "Gallery Airport"
3. Shopping complex reserves the right to use and publish photographs.
5. All photos must meet the basic requirements: clear, bright, positive.
6. The organizer reserves the exclusive right to select photos and refusal to participate in the competition if they do not meet the conditions.
7. Participation in the competition speaks of the acceptance of its terms.

Conditions of participation:
1. Invite your spouse or friends, make pictures in the photo zone TC "Gallery Airport" on the topic: "I'm in love(a)...", "I love him(her)...", I love TC "Gallery Airport", "I love ...". Place photo pages in Sots. the networks.

Placing a photo with 7.02.15 on 14.02.15
The results of the competition with 14.02.15 on 24.02.15
Prizes with 24.02.15 on 27.02.15 in TC "Gallery Airport"

The prizes.
Dinner in the restaurant for two, gift certificates and Souvenirs from the shops TC "Gallery Airport"
New women's clothing shop "Glance" in TC "Gallery Airport" New women's clothing shop "Glance" in TC "Gallery Airport"
In the shopping center "Gallery Airport opened Russian brand women's clothing - "Glance"! The company operates in the sector of fast-fashion, that is an updated version of the seasonal collection goes on sale every one to two weeks, clothing and accessories brand Glance hold the bar high, and all of its products are high quality, extremely fashionable parts and style. The store is located on the 2nd floor of the shopping complex, which can be conveniently reached by escalator and Elevator.
Glance - Russian brand, specializing in women's fashion clothing. Brand Glance these clothes are for young, stylish, modern women. New images for models carefully think through six designers, artists, and therefore, each collection is different and unique. Periodically check personal collections of young designers. One of the most successful collections was released by Elena Popova "Paris stories". The company operates under the slogan "We transform the world with beautiful clothes and they succeed. Clothing Glans keeps the bar high, very good quality and trendy style.


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